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Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the only one who standout with the attributes he had. He was a resource of guidance for the whole mankind. When everyone was busy and satisfied with life of falsehood and darkness then it was him to show them the light. People were habitual of living that way, and they were so addicted to the lifestyle that didn’t recognize the truth. Problems came in his way but he never gave up instead very time he stood up and started his struggle from the start. Today we need to understand his life and he is the only to follow if we want to reach our destination.  He is role model for everyone, whether it’s a teacher, trader, lonely, student or anyone.

  • If you are an orphan then look at him who lost his parents in very early age.
  • If you are a trader then follow his footsteps and be honest with your clients.
  • A wealthy should adopt his humbleness and modesty, a person who was a leader but won the hearts by his love.
  • If you are a student then imagine him sitting in front of Gabriel at the time of revelation.
  • If you are a husband then take up his compassion and equality for his wives.
  • If you are hurt then consider him badly injured because of the people of Taif.
  • If you are an adult then see his kindness towards children.

No matter you are on which stage of life you can always take an example of him for. This is the wisdom of Allah who sends us a role model who fits in every role of life. He has faced worst situations then we are having today but he was always calm and patient. Do spend your life like living on impermanent place. Be humble and generous with others.

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